Take The Zbooks 7 Day Challenge!

Welcome to the Zbooks 7 Day Challenge!

Eric Z of Zbooks - your Ebook Doctor and Graphics Expert
There is no better way to kick-start your BLOG, publish a BOOK, double your SALES, or even start a BUSINESS -- than with a cheat sheet on Amazon!

We are going to be publishing a cheat sheet on Amazon in LESS than 7 days!

We are going to be doing it together in this challenge. 

This is a live challenge, with accountability and participation: MAKING A BOOK!

You need at least 1 hour per day to complete this challenge. 

-- in this case a cheat sheet*, to test the waters, improve our keywords, title, placement, cover, BUILD our audience, and EVERYTHING we need to do -before- we publish the "big" book. 

*It does not have to be a cheat sheet per se, it can be any kind of preliminary material, like a "foundations" prequel, or character synopsis etc. See this example.

The awesome part? 

It's all done with FREE tools and software! 

I'm going to show you how to do this all with totally free tools like Google Docs, Calibre, Canva.com, Inkscape, and Gimp. 

On top of that, I am going to supply you with a TON of TEMPLATES so you will definitely finish within 7 days! 

 and... AND...since we are using google docs -I - Eric Z - will help you and look over your shoulder if need be... 

Are you in? 

If -YES- then I need you to take the first action already:  

CONFIRM your participation - Join the challenge:

Then you will get a welcome email and instructions!

In the meantime you can see some Cheat Sheet EXAMPLES here:

the power to publish! Floyd's cheat sheetzbooks cheat sheetthe coolest drawing test ever!Jon Haw's cheat sheets - now all in onehow to convert pdf to kindle Zen Crocodile!

Need more inspiration?
Check out Jon Haws (Nursing Cheat sheets above) who is totally DOMINATING his niche with the cheat sheet method:

Jon’s #1 Tip:
"Create a cheat sheet for you niche and start running Facebook ads to it... See if there is an interest. Make it detailed and helpful enough to solve a simple problem. It’s a relatively inexpensive way to validate a potential market and start building your email list."